Letter from the Executive Director

Nordic Association for Trade and Business Development in Albania and Kosovo

Dear Members and Friends of the Nordic Association for Trade and Business Development Albania,

The Nordic Association for Trade and Business Development Albania aims to promote economic, financial and commercial relationships between Nordic Countries, Albania and Kosovo, support Nordic companies willing to set up their business activity in Albania, facilitate the development of trade relations between Nordic Countries, Albanian and Kosovo, as well as provide high quality services to its members through business orientation, networking opportunities, promotion, education, training activities, and employment services.

We would like to encourage you through reviewing the valuable benefits of being a member and the impact our partnership would have on further development of your business:

Business Events
Including regular events organized by Nordic Association For Trade and Business Development which provides our members with a platform for interacting with the international business community, business associations, for Albanian, Kosovo and Nordic Countries important authorities (i.e. workshops, B2B meetings, exchange experiences, trade delegations, and so on).

Legal and Fiscal Assistance
Your company can make use of our legal professional database including services from the start-up of companies, day to day organizational issues and assistance in dealing with public institutions. We offer to provide you with contacts for government authorities and facilitating the arrangement of meetings with state stakeholders, settle disputes by mediation and keeping you updated with the recent legal and fiscal changes. All these services are mainly for our members.

Nordic Association for Trade and Business Development gives your company visibility in the market by listing it in our Membership publications. Additionally, you can advertise your companies and products in all our promotional materials, our website and a wide range of our events. We can organize corporate events or company presentations dedicated to your company, as well as facilitate your promotion in key events, like trade fairs.

Information / Publications
Nordic Association for Trade and Business Development will shortly build an extensive knowledge database which grows and updates regularly. This information will be provided to all our members through magazines, newsletters, libraries with a broad range of specialized literature. Our publications will cover issues that are of highest interest to our members, especially trade and business, tax issues, legal regulations and mutual collaborations.

Nordic Association for Trade and Business Development offers numerous additional services and a wide range of activities which can be of a special interest to your company.

This is why we encourage you to become and/or stay an active partner in our community, connect with our staff, and participate in our new and innovative programs – get involved and be a catalyst for improving our business environment we are all working in.

We strongly believe that your decision for joining us will help your business, our community and strengthen the voice of Nordic Association for Trade and Business Development in Albania.

Finally, we would like to thank you and express our willingness for further strengthening our collaboration in order to ensure a successful implementation process because we believe that in the coming years our family will keep growing and our commitments to fulfil this mission will become a reality. Together, as partners, we can work towards a stronger business community for the next years!

Sincerely Yours,
Anjeza ALIA

Executive Director
Nordic Association for Trade and Business Development

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