Safety awareness activity / Volvo

Nordic Association Albania in cooperation with Volvo Albania and General Directorate of Road Traffic Police at the Albanian State Police and the Regional Directorate of Education have implemented the activity to Increase Awareness for Children of primary and secondary level schools.  The activity was planned by Nordic Association Albania  and coordinated among other stakeholders. 

 The main purpose is to increase awareness for children in regard of road safety and face them with concrete examples and measures that should be taken in case of different risks.Volvo Group has been a pioneer in supporting research and innovation in sustainability for a long time. Sustainability is a core value and a business development model contributing to Volvo Group’s success.Volvo Group’s promote and implement proactive strategy to road safety and efficiency.

This is the firs event of Volvo Albania promoting road safety awareness and It was decided and agreed with Volvo to draft a working plan to implement safety awareness program in other primary schools in the area.