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Sweden is the largest and most populated country in the Nordic region. The total size of its territory is approx. 450,000sq km and it has around 9.9 million inhabitants. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy, with Stockholm as its capital. King Carl XVI Gustaf has a ceremonial role, and the parliament, Riksdagen, is the country’s highest authority. Sweden is a member of the EU, but maintains its own currency, krona. Sweden is an active and vocal participant in the UN and WTO. Sweden is a member of NATO’s Partnership for Peace (PFP).

Sweden’s GDP per capita ranks among the world’s highest, and the country is one of the most technologically advanced. Sweden’s transformation has been helped by a successful combination of generous welfare benefits and high-tech capitalism. It constantly places near the top in international rankings of competitiveness, innovation and standard of living. The Swedish economy benefits from rich reserves of iron ore and timber, and plentiful hydroelectric power. The main industrial sectors include electronics, pharmaceutical and chemicals, transport, steel and machinery. The country is aided with high levels of education, a skilled workforce and sophisticated infrastructure. IT and biomedicine are two knowledge-intensive sectors in which Sweden has been among the global leaders for years.

Visit the Official Country Site: https://sweden.se/

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