Volvo Official Launching Ceremony in Albania

On April 6th, 2017, Volvo organized the official opening of its auto saloon in Albania.

Volvo and Mektrin Motors organized an inauguration ceremony for the brand new and very modern auto saloon in Albania. Volvo’s auto saloon represents a well know brand and is synonymous to positive Nordic features such as high quality, reliability, sustainability, innovation, good service and equality values that can strongly be promoted in Albania.

Invitees at the ceremony toured the new Volvo auto truck saloon and got acquainted with new Volvo cars and trucks models. Volvo will not bring only its auto models in Albania, but its core Scandinavian values.
Volvo Group has been a pioneer in supporting research and innovation in sustainability for a long time. Sustainability is a core value and a business development model contributing to Volvo Group’s success. Sustainability has three dimensions – economic, environmental and social.